Dr. Andruid Kerne
Director, Interface Ecology Lab; Associate Professor, Computer Science

collaborating faculty

Dr. Jorge Vanegas, Dean, College of Architecture

Dr. Steven Smith, Professor, Psychology

Dr. Jun Hyun Kim, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

Dr. Galen D. Newman, Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

Dr. Zach Toups, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, New Mexico State University


Andrew Webb, Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science

Yin Qu, Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science

Bill Hamilton, Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Science

Rhema Linder, Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

Nic Lupfer, Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

Ajit Jain, Ph.D. Student, Computer Science

Feiyu Yu, M.S. Student, Computer Science

Matthew Carrasco, MS Student, Computer Science

Kade Keith, B.S. Student, Computer Science

Alyssa Valdez, B.S. Student, Computer Science


Zach Toups, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2010
→ Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Games & HCI specialty - New Mexico State University.

Jack Stenner, Ph.D., Architecture/Visualization, 2007
→ Associate Professor of Digital Media - University of Florida.

Eunyee Koh, Ph.D., Computer Science, 2008
→ Senior Research Scientist, Adobe Research.

Shenfeng Fei, M.S., Computer Science, 2014
→ Software Engineer, Google.

Andrew Webb, M.S., Computer Science → Ph.D. Candidate.

Nic Lupfer, M.S., Computer Science, 2014 → Ph.D. Student.

Ajit Jain, M.S., Computer Science, 2014 → Ph.D. Student.

Jon Moeller, M.S. Student, Computer Engineering → Technical Director, Midnight Commercial.

Nabeel Shahzad, M.S. Computer Science, 2011 → Software Engineer II, Microsoft.

Blake Dworaczyk, M.Sc., Computer Science, 2014
→ Senior Information Technology Professional I, Texas A&M University.

Mirko Mandic, M.S. Computer Science, 2004 → Senior Program Manager Lead, Microsoft.

Hyun Choi, Ph.D., Psychology, 2005 → Post-Doc, Psychology, University of Kansas.

Abhinav Mathur, M.S. Computer Science, 2009 → Senior Software Engineer, Integral Development Corp.

Madhur Khandelwal, M.S. Computer Science, 2004 → Co-Founder, Scandid.

J. Michael Mistrot, M.S. Visualization Sciences, 2003 → Senior Pipeline Engineer, Atomic Cartoons.

Sarah Berry Cranston, B.S., Computer Engineering, 2007 → Associate Manager, User Interface, Accenture.

Megan Schneider, B.S., Computer Science, 2006 → Software Engineer, Socrata.